Whats my car worth?
What can I expect it to sell for?
I need an appraisal for my insurance company.
Valuations - 
If you are looking for a simple evaluation and price estimate that your car is worth, then a simple appraisers evaluation may be right for you.  This is a short professional evaluation report that may or may not include comps.  You can email us the evaluation questionnaire that we will provide you along with some photos of your car.   The short evaluation report may be acceptable by some insurance companies.  Note:  This is not a USPAP approved appraisal report.

Price - $150 per vehicle
Comprehensive Appraisals 

We offer professional, comprehensive appraisals that meet government (USPAP) requirements.  This detailed appraisal report will be conducted using multiple sources of research and recent comps.  We are Graduate Personal Property Appraisers and have been trained by the NAA and the Certified Appraisers Guild of America.

Price - $350